Monday, December 16, 2013

Why the Retune of this Ad writing Platform

          This was the first idea that I had when I first started to make some progress on the web.   I was sitting in my cab in the Liberty square mall in my home town of Martinsville Va.  I had my camera in the car with me.  I observed some birds flying all around over the parking lot.  One knows how birds can be when they fly about.  I grabbed my camera and started snapping photos.  When I got the roll developed,  I noticed that on shot seemed to have a commercial appeal, so it became my first logo design.  I tried to keep a birds eye view of things ever since.  I has not been easy.  I did not start to learn about marketing and blogging, until I started with Google with GAN.  They ended that network and has gone on to new and better things.  The cloud tech is really innovative, and one would feel it shell be the norm for all internet- home based work in the future.  We can connect there with all apps seamlessly, and even more so, in the future.
         My goal for BEVAL…BIRDS EYE VIEW, ADS AND LOGOS, is to  bridge the gap between on-line and off-line marketing.  There really is no gap actually, just the imaginational one, created by the nostalgia of the get-rich-quicker group of the past, and still represented by internet Riff-Raff of today.   The Black hatters, credit card leverage-want-a-be so-called Gurus. They have caused so many to give up trying to make it on the web, and have created an element that wants to discourage new comers to the internet seeking a replacement of a job loss.
         The lack of basic business know how, is the reason why it seemed to be a gap between on-line and off-line marketing.  I don’t know how the buzz about working on the internet being not like any other job got started, however that is where some went wrong.   Maybe for some, it might have felt that way, or maybe it was a trick from the start set for hapless victims of internet scammers.  What ever the case, I never understood how it could happen.  I guess I am not so trusting of people I can’t see on the other side of my pc connection, and frankly, if I had the kind of dollars that was wasted on internet schemes, I would not have felt that I needed to work on the web.  I would have opened a hot dog stand on a corner.
         BEVAL’s approach will be creative, challenging, seamless and transparent.  The on-line and off-line ads will be connected.  I will welcome collaborators to help me set up a structure so that digital ads off-line and have our affiliate ids added to them, so we can easily get credit for off-line sales and commissions seamlessly. I have some design ideas that I will need to get patented before I introduce them, however I an sure that there is plenty of tech already to get the job done.
That is my bit for now.
Jonah D. Martin President of T. N. Designs Success Marketing/Solution Motion Pictures SMP NEWS PRESS ON-LINE.  THANK YOU.

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