Saturday, May 3, 2014


Supercharge Challenge

The first time I get a web-site on the front page of Google, I will celebrate by taking my wife out to California for our 20 something anniversary. I would like to learn how to program web pages with key words specially picked, ones that always help to make money. To get me to the front page of Google, one most pay more than a $100.00 or better. One most go through the whole nine yards. I will list them as follows:

1.Pay web-hosting up for 5 years

2. Pay for domain name up for 5 years

3. Pay for all symbols of trust, BBB membership, privacy policy, LLC.

4. Complete the Keyword research and maintain it 24/7/365. (By yourself or with a team.)

5. Build a ecommerce site to custom. (Recommend Word Press ecommerce. Ecwid, Shopify and ShopLocket.)

6. This will cost one more than $100.00.

       One would love to see constant money flowing into that ones PayPal. When all we had to do is trade hours for dollars, many of us had know concept of making 100% money. For every $500.00 one makes, Uncle Sam gets his cut first, and the puny little refund one gets back is nothing compared to how much one can make if you paid all your taxes quarterly and invested the money in some good stocks.

        I make it my aim to be the best I can be in all I do. That is my promise.   Trust me, you can take that to the bank.   For more details about my code of ethics, contact me at or Always looking for new clients and team members to do business with. Thank you for our attention and God Bless. (THIS IS THE SITE T. N. DESIGNS SUCCESS MARKETING/SMP)

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